Well folks, after one rescheduled court date from February 7th to February 22nd, and NO NEWS for four days after that, we finally got word today that we PASSED COURT! We are legally the parents of three beautiful children from Ethiopia. Would you like to meet them? I’m so thrilled to be able to share their precious faces with you finally!

Here is a very recent photo of brothers Alex (6) and Melkam (4)


Alex and Melkam pose for our friend Dakota, early February 2011

Aren’t they wonderful? Maybe you can’t tell from the photo, but they are sweet, funny, happy boys and they are so excited to have a family. When our friend Dakota (who, along with her husband Brent just brought home two five-year-olds this month…see their blog here) found Alex and asked him if she could take his picture for Mommy and Daddy, he got really excited and ran to find Melkam. And that’s the shot… Oh, it just broke my heart when I saw it. Those faces. They are probably going to be holy hellions (yes, you see those hints of mischief too, don’t you?), but I don’t care! We are joyfully jumping in with both feet.

And here is baby Eliana, who is about to turn 1 year old on March 10th:

I can’t tell you the number of times recently I have imagined holding this sweet little girl and how sad we are to be missing all of her baby milestones right now. She learned to crawl while we were there in November and it was such a joy to witness that. While we won’t have the blessing of having her home for her first birthday, it shouldn’t be too long after!

We hope to be able to bring the kids home in April, but we won’t know for several weeks when our embassy appointment is. So yes, a little more waiting!

Thanks for all your prayers and love and support, we are incredibly grateful for our families, our friends and our community.

-One very happy MOM!!!

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