Yesterday was my baby’s first birthday

The day we met Eliana her nannies had put a pretty dress on her for the occasion!

Baby Eliana turned 1 year old yesterday! We were so sad to not be with her for this milestone, but we’ll plan to celebrate a little late once she is home. We haven’t heard that she is walking yet, but with all the crawling and pulling up we witnessed in November I imagine she is close. I can’t wait to care for this little one and watch her grow and change! We hope to hear some news in the next few weeks about a travel date for our embassy appointment when we can bring them all home.

When we started this process over two years ago I envisioned getting a referral for a 3- or 4-month old baby and bringing her home by the time she was seven or eight months old. My how my ‘plans’ changed! Now we have passed court and we are anxiously approaching the time to go pick up our three children, none of them tiny babies. It’s taken more than a year LONGER than we first expected, and just last week we heard the frustrating news that Ethiopia’s Ministry of Womens’ Affairs will create a further slow-down of the process. I’m so grateful that we passed court before this announcement, and I’m hopeful that it won’t increase the final wait to bring home children we now legally call our own.

While it is not yet clear what exactly MOWA intends with their announcement that they will only process five cases a day moving forward (rather than the 40-50 cases they’ve been processing daily), it seems inevitable that it will mean some further delay for the millions of parentless children waiting in orphanages in Ethiopia for a family to call their own. This is a tragedy for the children, and a heartbreak for the many families who are in the process with good intentions of opening their home and family to one or more of Ethiopia’s orphans.

A public announcement via conference call from the US State Department this morning yielded few real answers, but if you are interested in encouraging MOWA to continue to help orphaned children find families in a timely manner you can sign the petition at this link:

2 responses to “Yesterday was my baby’s first birthday

  • Tyra

    I love this picture!! I’m so sorry that you were not able to celebrate together but there will be LOTS of celebrating once they are home. : )

    Great post

  • Amanda Mills

    We passed court on Feb 22nd. We are waiting for an embassy appointment as well. Our little girl is 16months old. We are planning on traveling back to Ethiopia with our 2 other children ages 12 and 14. Maybe we will be traveling together. Congratulations and may your wait be short! We are hoping to stay at the Rito.

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