Kitchen transformation, part deux

Sorry about that, I ran out of time to process more photos!

Where were we? I think right about here:

Then the final finish went on the floors. We did this because the floors were part of the insurance repairs and it was time to wrap that up and move back in. Normally you might opt to have the floors refinished after the cabinet installation.

Ready for cabinet installation! Here is our installer, Jon getting to work:

This one shows all the cabinets and panels installed, the chimney wrapped, and the corbels ready to support the bar:

Then it was time for countertops! I’ve been wanting traditional carrera marble forever, and I decided to go for it despite lots of advice not to. One just has to accept that marble is going to take on a ‘patina’ over time as the stone is softer than granite and it stains and scratches more easily. It’s great for pastry, however, and it’s been the choice of Italian chefs forever. Plus Martha has put marble counters and sinks in several of her new kitchens, so how bad could it be?

That bar top was a monster and the guys from North Idaho Granite did an amazing job!

Here’s the nearly-done kitchen:

Next up: Backsplash, range (i’m picking it up today!), kitchen faucet and fixtures (on back order :(). This afternoon a plumber comes in to finish the work on the bathroom sinks, installing the toilet, the water line to the fridge, and the waste line hookup and garbage disposal for the kitchen. “Nearly done” is a misnomer….it seems to take forever to finish the details!


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