Baby milestones

I just, literally moments ago, received a report on our baby Eliana who, along with her brothers, we are waiting to fetch from Ethiopia. They send a report every couple of months on the babies so that we can keep an eye on their height and weight and on developmental milestones. The nurse came in when we were there in November with a clipboard and took notes on Eliana. She got down on the floor with her and enticed her with a toy. I was so proud when she demonstrated her newly developed crawl.

The reports are short and written by staff members who do their best with English. In addition to her growth chart and a comment that there are no medical concerns, here’s the un-edited note:

Observations of the child: She can stand without support and tries two walks without support. She is potty trend. She feeds by spoon with support. She is happy and playfull.”

Wait. back up. SHE IS POTTY TRAINED?

Maybe what they mean is that she is being potty trained. As in, they put her on the potty at specified potty times, as they do with all the babies who are able to sit up on their own.

Well, this really wreaks havoc with my plans…the changing table tray I added to the dresser which I’m in the process of painting, for example! Oh, it is the most beautiful color of Ecru (love that word…did you know that it means ‘unbleached’ or ‘raw’?). And what about that Costco box of diapers I bought a couple of weeks ago?

Too funny.

Yes, I will have photos of the kids’ rooms soon! I just decided on the weekend to paint one wall of the boys’ room blue. Finished it last night. Love it!

I mentioned some embassy delays in my last post, and have good news that the embassy was able to meet with Eliana’s mother yesterday and we are just waiting for their report from that interview.

On standby, raring to get on a 24-hour flight to Ethiopia at the drop of a hat!

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