And away we go!

Just a quick note to say by the grace of God we are departing for Ethiopia on Monday! We will arrive in Addis late Tuesday night and have a potential embassy appointment early Wednesday morning. We are still waiting for one document that was not completed correctly by the originating orphanage and AAI is moving mountains to get it to Addis from Sidama asap. In fact, it sounds like Alex and Melkam’s birth mother will be bringing it in person as we’ve helped hire a car to get she and the document in the right hands.

We are a bundle of emotions as you can imagine, and have a million things to do in order to make this happen. What a way to celebrate Mother’s Day! And we arrive in Ethiopia on the evening of my birthday, my 38th birthday to be exact. Who would have ever thought it would take that long to bring children home? Not me, I can tell you that for sure! But just as James said we should ‘Consider it pure joy when we face trials of many kinds,’ we have found that the wait and the challenges have changed us and enhanced our patience and our perseverence.

Now trying to book a train from Sandpoint to Seattle because all flights are booked and that’s the one leg of our journey that has not yet been covered.

wow, this is a wild ride!

3 responses to “And away we go!

  • Dakota Corey

    Love it! I am SO excited for your family. As our 3 month family anniversary quickly approaches, I can say that the ride will probably get wilder before you really start to find your groove. Know that you will find it though and that it is SWEET when you do. Feel free to get a hold of me at any time if you need to vent, have a “is this normal” moment, or just want to share the roller coaster of emotions that accompany the transition to momma-hood. I’ve been there!

  • Bonnie Nieuwstraten

    Kim~ Rejoicing with you about this news!! You have waited so long to bring your babies home. It is all SO worth it! WIll be praying for you as you travel home with your three sweet children! I still remember “Gotcha Day” as though it were yesterday!

    Bonnie (friend of Kristen)

  • Kristin

    Oh Sissor! I’m so excited for you. Bring those little lovelies home. We’ll be thinking of you all this week.
    Kristin & Co.

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