Waiting for our departure flight in Addis Ababa: four hours.

Addis Ababa to Frankfurt: seven hours.

Layover in Frankfurt: four hours.

Frankfurt to Seattle: ten hours.

Immigration in Seattle: one hour.

Layover in Seattle after immigration: four hours.

Seattle to Spokane: 45 minutes.

Drive home from Spokane: 1.5 hours.

Now, I know you’ll forgive me for taking a few days to recover from that incredible trip! The overall experience was brutal for anyone, but how about for kids who have never been on an airplane, escalator or moving walkway? We got home on Sunday evening. We found out on Tuesday morning that Eliana, the baby, has an ear infection. Maybe she’s had it for months, it’s hard to tell. She was great on the flights, and must have been in pain with three take-offs and landings.

Possibly my least favorite part was the Lufthansa sky lounge at Frankfurt. It was very large, full of people, and so quiet you could hear a pin drop. That is, until our brood arrived! Baby girl is not quiet, and the boys were at the end of their ropes and tired of unfamiliar food and strange situations. I’m sure the entire lounge heaved a sigh of relief when we walked out!

Enough talk, the point is, we made it home safely and without incident! The kids did amazingly well and even enjoyed much of it. And we are all beginning to get on a schedule and recover from jet lag. Here are some photos from the trip:

On our first flight from Addis to Frankfurt

The boys settle in to their seats...

Made it to Frankfurt!

Hanging out with Dad at Frankfurt airport

Eliana loves Alex despite his rough big brother treatment!

Frankfurt to Seattle, now they know how all those controls on the seats work!

At least one of us is thrilled to finally land in Spokane!

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