First-time photos

When my parents were here on a recent visit, Grandpa and I took the boys up to Schweitzer to play in snow for the first time. They loved it when Grandpa showed them how to make snowballs and encouraged them to throw them at each other and us!

Between showing them snow, working with Alex one-on-one on his bike riding (and advocating for him to upgrade), getting Alex a watch and introducing him to how to tell time, Grandpa made an impact in four days. They’ve talked about Grandpa and Nana ever since, and today Alex asked if we could call them tonight on the phone. Several times he’s asked “Grandpa, Nana, tomorrow?” to see if they are coming back soon.

Melkam, Grandpa and Alex at the Farmers' Market

Melkam waits with interest while Grandpa buys kettle corn for the boys at the Lost in the 50's car show in town

The kids have gotten to know quite a few of our friends and are remembering names and even asking to go to their houses after having fun playing there. We’ve had a few rainy days, and our church has a wonderful gym that we’ve visited twice with friends during rain to let the kids run round and play. These boys are active and need a lot of physical activity (for me to retain a little sanity). More photos coming soon!

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