Our Little Firecracker

Here she is…

She loves swings. She tries to eat wood chips and sand and thinks its hilarious when you fish around in her mouth to remove it. Her favorite past times include pulling things off of any surface she can reach and flinging them around, playing in the dog’s water dish, and climbing on top of anything (errant coolers, suitcases, laundry baskets). If you pick her up, she wants down. If you put her down, she wants up. She’s tough as nails and likes life on the edge…climbing ever higher, going down slides, and doing anything that involves speed. She picks herself up when she falls down and she can turn the drama on and off to suit her situation.

Someone out there lives with a one-to-two-year-old who sounds an awful lot like this one I’m sure! Ellie will be 15 months old on the 10th of June, and she has transformed since we brought her home on May 15th. I can’t wait to see who she turns out to be! All I know is she won’t be boring.

That cutie patootie in the back is my friend Melissa's 2-year-old who was gracious enough to not only let Eliana borrow her push car, but also was willing to push her!

5 responses to “Our Little Firecracker

  • Amanda Mills

    We adopted a little girl now 18months two months ago. Her name is Medhanit. She is quite a fire cracker as well. Every day she comes out of her protective shell a bit more(to everyone’s deight) We have 2 other children as well. They are 14 ans 12. I too have been doing the poo thing…yikes times 3 I cant imagine! We have done several samples…
    So far Medhanit seems to be adjusting qite well. She does hit, pinch, spit, and bite some…? She also spits in her hand and cleans things including her baby’s face…she had to have seen this somewhere. Thanks for sharing your story, it’s fun to read. Good luck!

  • melissakburns

    ZZ loved playing with “baby” Ellie and so enjoyed the playdate. Ellie is such as JOY, as are the boys. Looking forward to the adventures ahead!!

  • kkmanning

    So funny about the spit cleaning! Must have seen the nannies do it. Eliana hits and pinches too, and occasionally bites with those nice new teeth she’s sporting. Tough kids!

  • Rachael Fisher

    Is this the same little girl from the snapfish albums!?!?!?!?!?!?! OMG! What a difference…. Her smile is fantastic and l love that she has sass!!! Sounds like another little guy I know who buried his sparkle deep within until it was unleashed with a fury once home. So many people told me how passive and laid-back Taki was — NOT! There is nothing quiet, complacent, laid-back or passive about this kid. I have a hunch Ellie is going to be following a similar trajectory! Love ur posts and the photos. All r beautiful. And, by the way, in a couple of months, when the boys need to use the bathroom at the park — you can just point to the nearest tree! (C’mon, as a mom of three littles, you get allowances — trust me on this one!)

    • kkmanning

      Totally, I should have posted a BEFORE photo of Ellie from the orphanage. She is definitely not the same kid! And I’m all for letting the boys pee on a tree, but he had to POOP! I didn’t know what to do. I let Alex poop in the woods on a hike recently and even showed him how to use big soft thimbleberry leaves as toilet paper. He thought it was hilarious. I picked them after he told me he had to kaka and he said ‘what’s this mommy?” and I said “soft!!” he had the greatest look of shock on his face. 🙂

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