At long last, the road trip report

A couple of weeks ago we went on a road trip to Nana and Grandpa’s house on the coast of Washington State, a nine hour drive. We questioned the wisdom of this decision several times, but Mommy needed some new scenery and a chance to not be outnumbered for a day or two, so off we went!

We drove our ‘efficient’ vehicle, which is an ’87 Honda accord we bought from my grandmother many moons ago. The three child seats barely fit side by side across the back seat. There are no power windows or doors, but there are safety locks on the back doors so we could prevent anyone from opening doors from the inside. The A/C doesn’t really work, and it has none of the bells and whistles currently standard on any vehicle marketed to a mom, such as window shades to avoid uncomfortable sun glare, personal climate control for the kids’ seats, or any kind of digital entertainment system. Not even a CD player!

This is what it looked like when they all fell asleep:

This may be the only time in their lives our kids will be content with such a ride, but they were. They had no frame of reference and so were excellent travelers and surprisingly willing travelers.

I believe the family closeness this ‘cozy’ experience provided was very comforting for them and good for all of us. And the weekend of pampering and love from my parents was much needed and appreciated!

It was the Sand and Sawdust Festival in Ocean Shores, Washington, where on the beach artists build elaborate sculptures out of sand, while in the downtown area craftsmen cut logs into all kinds of creatures using chain saws.

The boys both wanted to be photographed next to this giant Sasquatch next to a baby Sasquatch:

Special highlights included Grandpa and Nanna’s hot tub:

Going to the beach and learning about ‘big wanna’ (the Ocean), the waves, drawing with sticks in the sand, and building makeshift see-saws out of driftwood (Grandpa’s specialty).

We even got to have some girl time, Ellie, Nana and Mommy during the weekend!

Here’s Ellie with attitude sporting a very cute hat made by a couple of friends of ours. I have a feeling we are going to see more and more of this ‘tude as the years go by…

2 responses to “At long last, the road trip report

  • Dakota Corey

    That last picture of Ellie is too much – love it. We also see quite a bit of girly Ethiopian attitude in these parts. It sounds like its pretty certain (but not yet 100% that we’ll be in Idaho mid-August). Hope we can see you and your gorgeous kiddos!

  • Kristin

    Oh I’m so jealous that you got to visit mom and dad! My kids LOVE all those things with them…looks like they’ll have to wait until next summer to visit again. Hat is darling and I love how mom is color coordinated with her. Also, boys look so excited about the hot tub.

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