Hooray, Hooray, it’s Christmas time!

What a gift it is to FINALLY get to celebrate advent and the holiday season with CHILDREN in our family!

Wait, let me just back up and apologize for the lack of communication. I was amazed when my domain mapping went down for a week or so how many people contacted me to let me know my blog was down. It was mostly comments like this: “There’s something wrong with your blog, my mom tried to get to it last night and got this error message.” So that makes me think that even if only eight of you are checking for new content, I am sorely letting you down! It’s so hard to keep up with everything new that goes on day to day with these kids!

The domain mapping issue is fixed as of last week; thanks for the heads-up!

Ok, back to celebrating! So as many of you know, Charles and I spent about nine years praying and hoping for children before we actually were able to welcome them into our family. Last year was particularly hard, because after meeting the kids in November and spending a very unusual (and fun! But different!) Thanksgiving in Addis Ababa Ethiopia with our new friends Dakota and Brent, we had to return home without our little ones, and then miss them all through the Christmas season. It was very sad for me.

Also sad was the state of our flooded, severely damaged home upon our return, so we spent Christmas in a temporary (and very nice!) townhouse a few blocks away. Things were just OFF last year, and I teetered on the edge of mild depression that would set in every time I started thinking about the kids and feeling sorry for myself. Or thinking about the house and feeling sorry for myself.

But this year, they are HERE! And we’re in our own home! And they are fabulous and children really embody the magic of the season in such an amazing way.

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving week with my in-laws. It was so fun to share this special holiday with the kids and to just have time with family. It makes me so happy that they have wonderful grandparents on both sides who are genuinely enjoying getting to know them. What a gift! We started teaching the boys to ski. I’ll have to do a separate post on that because it is just so awesome!

We went to The Land of Christmas (It’s best if you slow down and say this in a tv announcer voice) the Saturday after Thanksgiving and picked out our tree. These guys really do it right and it was so much fun!

In search of the perfect tree

Boys can't seem to get enough of long sticks

Our region has some kind of perfect conditions for growing beautiful trees. This farm has incredible specimens of many different types. We go for the Frasier fir. I think this is our tree in the photo below…we found it early and then I insisted we continue looking just to make sure it was right. ‘Cause I’m annoying like that.

Looking at these photos I see where I failed…I should have asked for TWO measuring sticks. Melkam got his chance to measure, but he would have had so much more fun if he could have had a stick the whole time! Oh well, still learning, sigh.

Ellie was a little cold and cranky because she needed a nap, but the kids all generally had a good time and really were enjoying their visit with Grammy and Poppy.

The were especially happy with the fireside hot chocolate and cookies while the nice people at Land of Christmas cut and loaded our tree for us.

Eliana was pretty much toast by the time the distraction of the cookies was over and we got in the wagon for a hay ride. Not a happy camper, but the boys loved it!

Next up: putting lights up on the house, decorating the tree, celebrating advent in a deep and meaningful way, learning about giving to friends this time of year, skiing, and kids choir practice for a Christmas performance at church. It truly is the MOST WONDERFUL TIME OF THE YEAR!

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