December in pictures

Now that it’s January, how about some shots from Christmas? Christmas break was a loooong time with kids out of school and we all really got used to sleeping in a bit more and having helpful, loving Nana and Grandpa around, so it’s been a tough transition back to getting up early, packing lunches, monitoring homework, etc. etc.

And that’s my excuse for just now emptying my camera. Here are some of December’s scenes:

The boys singing in church! They look nervous, but both afterward asked when they could do it again!

Getting close to the big day!

Christmas Eve Daddy and Grandpa building Ellie's toy kitchen...

...and the rocking horse!

finishing touches

Christmas morning! The horse is a hit.

Joy! Uh oh Grandpa, don't fall asleep!

Grandpa's famous buttermilk pancakes

Working on snap circuits and legos with Nana and Grandpa

Boy and dog

Eliana likes to rock and listen to this case, her personalized CD from Nana where the singer says her name in every song. So cute!

2 responses to “December in pictures

  • Debbie Darnell Howarth

    These photos are priceless. Thank you for sharing them with us. I can’t even imagine what the minds of these three precious children were thinking through this holiday season. One thing I know for sure . . . God blessed them greatly through you, Charles, Nana and Grandpa!! I hope to see you all again soon.
    Love, Debbie

  • Cindy

    Sorry about the delay. I did get your family added to the Ethiopian Blogroll site today. Best Wishes!

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