I wish he spoke English

I don’t know why we find this so funny, but a few weeks ago My friend K, who was working in Melkam’s Sunday school class, overheard Melkam and another little boy in a long conversation. When it was over, the other little boy came over to K, sighed and said: “I wish he spoke English.”

Melkam is talking up a storm right now, but not everyone can tell what he is saying! I just recently figured out that when he says, “Yesmember,” which he includes in most of his stories, he means “yesterday.” Melkam tells me stories all day long. And when I’m multi-tasking, which is most of the time, he repeats “Acuse me, Mommy. Acuse me, Mommy.” Until I [reward him with un-interrupted eye contact] (name that movie) which tells him I’m listening with my whole being. And offering appropriate facial expressions to show that I understand which parts of his stories are funny, which are surprising or amazing, and which are disappointing. And when his story is over and I rub shoulders with my sweet husband while clearing the dinner dishes, one of us will often lean over to the other’s ear and say, “I wish he spoke English!” Not because I want to make fun of my amazing little boy who is communicating incredibly well, but because it is exhausting to listen to it all day sometimes, and especially to try to understand what he means so I can give him appropriate feedback and help him feel successful.

Here’s the big plastic rocking horse (which I never would have imagined as resident of my living room), “Liberty” (ironic because this horse isn’t going anywhere), getting a workout.

No lack of energy in our house you see!

And Eliana enjoying a birthday cupcake and ice cream last weekend at our dear friends’ house in celebration of her second year on earth:

This was really her first experience with chocolate frosting and she was quite delighted!

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