Tada! I’m back.

Hello friends! We’re still here and everything is fine; great really! I just took another hiatus. It’s hard to remember to blog when life is happening all around you! But since I love this as a method of recording our journey, I’m going to be updating more often.

We passed our year anniversary as a family of five on May 15th! We’ve had lots of talks lately about what we were doing this time a year ago, and it’s SO INTERESTING to hear the kids’ perspective now that they have both the language skills and the comfort in our family to share about that time. They clearly remember both the wait for us to return, and how long and frustrating it was, as well as the journey home. It was scary to leave the familiarity and routine of the orphanage and to get on an airplane with people who were basically strangers. Kids are resilient though, and they are good judges of character, so there are opportunities everywhere to reassure them, even when you don’t realize you are doing it. Kids with backgrounds like ours have become very good at figuring out who is trustworthy and who is not.

More and more we are becoming a family with kids just like any other family with kids, which means this blog will be boring to anyone other than grandparents, relatives, close friends. But there remain some interesting challenges both for us as parents, and for our kids, as they continue to heal from their past and and to incorporate themselves into their role in our family, and as we morph into the parents they need. I’ll try to continue to focus on these things, which are are the basis for the only unique perspective I have to offer. Also, when we were wrestling with our adoption decisions, the stories I most enjoyed and learned from were those of families who had been through it. For that reason I’ll share what I can that might be helpful to families embarking on similar journeys. Particularly on topics like attachment challenges, adopting sibling groups, and adopting older children.

Meanwhile, here are some silly videos of the boys on an evening recently when we went out for pizza:

2 responses to “Tada! I’m back.

  • Susan

    Kim, I’m so glad you’re back to blogging! I love reading about your family’s journey with the kids and your blog has been fun to read, thoughtful, education, and sometimes, just a pure support as we have gone through similar experiences with Hamdi.

    We’re doing great too. Still some challenges…but I do feel like we’re coming closer and closer to feeling like your average family every day (Hamdi will be home a year in August.). There still are things though…. Today, I had to remind Hamdi that as families, we ask and talk about our day when we get home, that as his mom I have the right to kiss him, and that you don’t just grab a soda out of the ‘fride when ever you want. The last one was because he spent the last few days at grandmas…and that one felt like a normal family. The rest, well, we’re working on it. 🙂


  • Dakota Corey

    Loved the videos of Alex and Melkem. I’ll have to show them to Ashagre in the morning. I love to hear their little accented voices. I’m sure Elsa and Ashagre’s accents are still quite thick as well, but I’m so used to them I don’t hear it much any more.

    I also loved how you summed things up at a year into it: “More and more we are becoming a family with kids just like any other family with kids, which means this blog will be boring to anyone other than grandparents, relatives, close friends.” I kind of feel the same way these days, but also miss blogging so we’ll see where that takes me.

    We miss you guys!

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