For Grammy

This evening we opened a special box from Grammy with some cool wooden sailboats from the Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum. Grammy has a beautiful Bed and Breakfast right on the water in St. Michaels, Maryland where sailing is a big preoccupation.

We decided to walk down the street for a swim at the pier and test them out after dinner. When I tried to take the kids swimming last summer I was convinced they were all going to drown. All three loved the water with abandon, and sunk like stones when they jumped in! Several sessions of swimming lessons and lots of time in the water since then, and I actually enjoy taking them now so much! We are fortunate to live on a beautiful lake and have easy access to the water. Here’s a review of the evening.

The boys finished up with a Daddy-assisted swim around the end of the pier. They were very proud of themselves.

Lovin summer!

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