It’s so hard to fit all the fun into every last second of August, but we are doing our best! Here’s a photo review:

Our new friends from Liberia, Prince and Ezekiel, stayed with us for one vibrant week while touring and performing in Sandpoint with the Matsiko choir. My kids LOVED having older brothers in the house and have been asking for more.

Looks like someone is in love!

We volunteered and attended almost all of the Festival at Sandpoint shows in the first two weeks of August. The lineup was awesome! My favorite show was Pink Martini, but I also loved Alison Krauss, and the finale with the Spokane Symphony and fireworks at the end was wonderful. The kids came with us to some, and we had sitters for others. It was a nice mix!

painted faces at the Childrens’ Concert at the Festival

We’ve done lots and lots of swimming! Our lake is glorious this time of year, especially on a 90-degree day. We walk to the pier a few blocks from our house and jump in, or ride our bikes to City Beach about eight blocks away to meet friends. We’ve also been invited on a few boat rides, and to pools this summer. The kids all are doing great with their swimming and loving the water.

With Anna and Alyssa Howarth at their new condo pool!

Swimming with friends off their boat. Eliana loves to backfloat and splash in her life jacket!

Too bad we don’t like each other much…

August fun has also included some barbeques, blueberry picking, and a day of pickling with my friend Kathi. We’ve eaten ice cream, made watermelon popsicles, and tended the garden. Today Grammy and Poppy arrive from Maryland for a visit, and our best friends from Washington, DC follow right on their heels. August will go out with a bang and I can’t believe it’s almost time for school to start again!

Hope you’ve all been having a great summer.

One response to “August

  • Betty Johnson

    Hello from Michigan, wanted you to know how much I enjoy seeing the pictures and reading about your children. We spend winters in Country Roads and have learned about your family spending time in the pool with your Mom and Dad. What a blessing to read about your family. We feel so lucky to live next door to our grandchildren in Michigan and I get to see them on a daily basis. We have two granddaughters ages 6 and 10 and a grandson that just turned 18 and heading for college this week. Michigan Tech is his destination and I can’t believe how time has flown. Thank you again for sharing your wonderful days. Hugs to the kids, and keep up the good work Mom and Dad.
    Love, Betty Johnson

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