Happy 8th Birthday, Alex!

I wrote briefly yesterday about Alex’s birthday party, but here are some more photos from the event. This was my first REAL birthday party I’ve ever thrown for a child. I was a little out of my element! Here’s what I learned: 2nd graders love to dress up. The costumes added enough fun to the group, that they were pretty content to run around and make up their own games based on the costumes. A couple of times I asked other moms if I should round up the kids for an organized game or two. They wisely encouraged me to leave them alone if they were having fun! Right-O. We did end up playing capture the flag and having a candy race. The kids were great, Alex was so happy, and I didn’t have to clean up my house from a stampede of eight-year-olds (because I held the party for free at a local park). It was nothing really special, but I’m giving myself a point for throwing a successful birthday party! One more next month…hmmm.

Alex wore his pirate costume from last Halloween. In this photo he has a fake pistol, I think from the kid who dressed as a cop. Maybe he pirated it from the cop…

The grim reaper being chased by a ninja, with pirate, cop and knight in the background

A beautiful vampire!

Adorable cowgirl!

One of Alex’s good friends as a fabulous clown!

Brilliant: A white box, red duct tape for stripes, popcorn sign, arm and head holes cut out, real popcorn glued to the top. Is this not the cutest thing? I love it when people are so clever. And behind popcorn girl is a cute cheerleader and a ballerina.

A group shot with most of the kids present, Alex holding court in the center.

The kids voted for their favorites by putting names in jars labeled Best Overall Costume, Funniest Costume, and Prettiest Costume. Some kids voted for themselves, over and over again! It was really funny to read the votes.

Ellie made a late appearance in her chicken costume.

Show me your teeth!

My sweet husband ran the candy relay. Management skills come in handy in these situations!

A green team and a blue team, they had to move all the candy from one bucket to the other one spoonful at a time.

Alex loved sitting in a pile of kids opening gifts!

Melkam as a knight

Alex was stoked to get gum in one of his gifts.

I love this boy. I can’t believe he’s eight. It’s really weird to be a mom of an 8-year-old when you’ve only been a mom for about 16 months!

Being fierce.

I love this boy, too.



















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