Chapter 16, in which we get away

A miraculous thing happened a couple of weeks ago; my husband and I had our first trip together overnight AWAY from our kids. Sixteen months after arriving home with our three, we had a long weekend without them. It was glorious in all respects! I was overcome with gratitude the day I arrived in Northern Ca; gratitude for my beautiful kids (because being away from them gave me space to appreciate them more), gratitude for my parents for traveling to our place and staying with them, gratitude for our wonderful friends who invited us to join them on a fun adventure/escape, gratitude for my husband who I love even more today than I did when we married thirteen years ago. I felt euphoric. And invincible. When can I go again?!

Two of our friends were celebrating their 40th birthdays, and their spouses surprised them with tickets to ride in the Levi’s Gran Fondo out of Santa Rosa, CA. Two couples rode, two couples (including us) lounged and cheered and sampled wine. We cooked together, hung out together, went on runs around the neighboring vineyards. It was heavenly!

“Team Sandpoint, 40 and Still Climbing!” Crosses the finish line!

Celebrating 40 years with 103 grueling miles; You guys inspire me!

A nice spot for lunch, with delicious foods from Big John’s in Healdsburg.

Tasting at Truett-Hurst Winery.

Enjoying the weather, the scenery, and friends!

A beautiful cave under the vineyard

4 wonderful men; husbands, fathers, providers, friends. Love these guys!

Not only did we get refreshed, inspired, and rested with this getaway, our kids had a wonderful time with my parents, and I think my parents had a wonderful time with our kids. What a cool opportunity for kids and grandparents to continue to build their relationship. Loved it all! Now, when can we go again?






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