Easter sweetness

I LOVE Easter. Primarily because the whole hope of the Christian faith rests on the event of this day: That we worship a risen Lord. That God came to walk among us in the person of Christ, lived and was tempted and tried and betrayed and tortured and everything else, and then conquered death. I loved this essay about Christ’s resurrection that was published on Huffington Post for Easter this year.

Here are my sweet kids on Easter. Baby girl LOVES her biggest brother.


DSC_0114.600px DSC_0117.600px

Then they decided to get goofy…

DSC_0118.600px DSC_0120.600px DSC_0123.600px DSC_0125.600px


I love these kids! Ok wait, then we had an Easter egg hunt. Coloring Easter eggs is almost as much fun as hiding them. Just saying. And how about the miracle of finding an Easter egg? As evidenced by this look of utter amazement:



(Sorry about the tacky shoe choice…Ellie paired her tennies with this Easter dress. The better for speed while hunting eggs.)



Check out this one…he walked past it twice:



Here is the reveal on the last egg, a small green one exactly the color of the emerging Daylillies in which it was hidden. Kids didn’t have a chance!
DSC_0144.600px DSC_0149.600px DSC_0152.600px DSC_0156.600px DSC_0157.600px

We had such a fun time with our friends. So much so that after dinner we started a fire in the fire pit outside and stayed up late hanging out and talking while the kids put on plays for our entertainment using various props from the garage. A very happy start to Spring!


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